What is manual therapy?

Manual Therapy is a physical therapy and rehabilitation application performed by specially trained specialists.

Manual physical therapy is used to strengthen the mobility of joints and reduce muscle tension to allow the patient to move more naturally without suffering.

In manual therapy, people use only their hands to manipulate the joints in the area and pressure the muscle tissue to reduce the pain caused by muscle spasm, muscle tension and joint dysfunction.

Manual therapy is a special hand treatment that involves special techniques.

It is a treatment concept aimed at correcting bone deformities and is highly effective when combined with exercises.


What is it good for?


* Cervical Herniations

* Neck Straightening

* Cervical Spine Irregularity

* Lumbar Hernia (Lumbal Herniation)

* Facet Syndrome

* Knee Pain

* Meniscus Injuries

* Fibromyalgia

* Frozen Shoulder

* Myofascial Problems

* Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)

* Golfer’s Elbow (Medien Epicondylitis)

* Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

* Nerve Jams (Radial, Ulnar, Medien Nerve)

* Lumbal Spine Irregularities

* Slipped waist

* Scoliosis

* Kyphosis

* Constipation (Constipation)

* Menstrual pains

* Sacroiliac joint problems

* Hip pain

* Groin pains

* Sciatic nerve compression

* Ankle pain

* Heel spurs

* Hallux valgus (big toe protrusion)

* Vertigo

* Tinnutus (Tinnutus)

* De Qervain’s tenosynovitis

* Trigger finger

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